Action from scratch


I would like to create very simple pipeline when I send one file to server via FTP
Those file need to be static another actions in pipeline cannot modify this file
Then build .net Core app upload files via FTP
then again send one file (diffrent than the first one)

So I did that but my whole pipeline is now set as “allways from scratch”

Is there option to mark only single action to perform from scrach ?


Hi Damian,
It’s not possible to make only one action run from scratch. Deployment actions are based on changesets and information about starting and ending revisions are handled by the pipeline. If you want to upload the file only once and don’t change it later on, it’s no difference to you: Buddy will upload the file to the server in the beginning and will not move it unless it’s been modified in the repository (then it will update it with the new version). You don’t have to upload it on every execution.

If you really need to do this you can use two pipelines: one set to run from scratch with 2 actions uploading singular files and ‘Run another pipeline’ action that will trigger the second pipeline that will build your .Net Core app.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: