Add Hipchat notifications

Right now a Hipchat notification has to be sent by manually creating a JSON payload. Since the ‘team-chat’ war seems to go between HipChat (Atlassian) and Slack , it might be a good idea to include a ‘Hipchat Notification’ action as well.

@lars-lemon8, thanks for your suggestion!
We’ve got it in our backlog.

I was just about to email asking for an update on HipChat. I was originally promised end of the year so good to get an update. It’s honestly preventing us from fully onboarding Buddy in our organization.

@justinmacleod, the task hasn’t been pushed to production yet. It’s marked as a high-priority in our backlog.
Can you contact us at: We’ve got a couple of questions as for the integration.

Hi… Still in loooove with Buddy ! Keep up the good work!

Any ETA on the Hipchat notifications by any chance ? :innocent:

@lars-lemon8, If everything goes well, we shall deliver it at the end of QIII.
Should you have any other suggestions, just drop us a line :slight_smile:

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