API to update a pipeline returns "Something went wrong"

Greetings Buddy community!
Didn’t even know this board existed, I will have to use it more from now on. I’m working on a project involving the Buddy API and I’ve got every call I need working EXCEPT the call to update a pipeline.

I’m using this call:

and sending

curl --request PATCH -H "Authorization: Bearer MYTOKEN" -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data "{\"trigger_mode\": \"MANUAL\"}" https://api.buddy.works/workspaces/MYWORKSPACE/projects/MYPROJECT/pipelines/PIPE_ID

Obviously redacted. I got the pipeline from doing a list in the project (and you can also see it in Buddy when hovering). What I get back is:

{"errors":[{"message":"Something went wrong."}]}

Hmmm. Not a lot to go on there! Anyone have any luck with this API call and/or debugging what may be missing?