"Application is in unknown state. Unable to make backup from invalid data"



We have an on-premise install and it works great, thank you for a great product!

Now, I decided to update today from 1.4.33 to 1.4.46. I logged into web interface and clicked on “Update” button. It started updating and took a while, so I logged into the terminal and did “sudo buddy status”. Got a red text:
“Something went wrong during last update You should restore your data from backup and try update again If not application can be unstable and generate errors”.
I stopped it and tried to do “sudo buddy backup”, received this red message:
“Last update has failed: application is in unknown stateUnable to make backup from invalid data”
So I started Buddy, went into web interface, checked the version and it says 1.4.46, so the update was actually completed?

Can you let me know what happened and what to do next? We need backups, ideally :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance.


Hey Stan,
Could you please:

  1. Run buddy feedback in the terminal so we can have a look at the logs.
  2. Reach out to us on support@buddy.works so we can discuss what to do.



Hello and thank you for your reply.
I have just sent a feedback request with “buddy feedback”.

Thank you!


Stan, we’ve just removed this warning.

Please run buddy update. You’ll be asked for updating your CLI. Once you do it, make sure to run buddy update once again.


Thank you very much for your prompt assistance, Octavia, I really appreciate it.
The warning is now removed, the CLI is updated, Buddy is updated as well.
Had to update Docker and Docker Compose along the way, but that went smoothly also.

Thanks again!