Buddy can't find generated Docker-Content / Folder



I would like to deploy a generated folder by gulp inside a docker-container to my server.

My pipeline looks like this:
Take my repository
Build Docker Image from it (works)
Run Docker Image (works)
Upload files to SFTP. (this one fails)

It does fail because Buddy isn’t able to find this specific folder. The main problem is: I don’t know how to configure my pipeline to have the final content from the Docker-Container for buddy available so it can deploy the folder to my SFTP. If this makes sense to you?

Repository-Structure looks like this at start
File XY
File XY
File XY


After using the command “gulp build --prod” inside the Docker-Container it looks the same but the container builds a folder with the name “web”.

File XY
File XY
File XY

web // this folder should be uploaded to SFTP.

Can anyboy help me? I did try everything inside Buddy. I did try to attach the pipeline to the filesystem/mount the filesystem, I did try to tell it to upload the folder web/ etc. but nothing works. I am not sure if I have to fix this problem inside my docker-setup or inside buddy. It feels like buddy is the way to go.

One more information: the upload does work in general. But not for the created folder.

Best regards and thank you


This sounds similar to my issue. It seems that some of the deployment options aren’t making use of the files generated by a build action (the “filesystem” they seem to talk up in their documentation.) I’d love to be able to have Buddy build with Gulp from one branch in my repo, and take the build and push it to another branch in the same repo, but the Git Push action doesn’t seem to use the Pipeline Filesystem as a source. For your issue, are you using the Pipeline Filesystem as a source?


Thats exactly the problem. I do use pipeline filesystem as a source but it doesn’t find the new generated files from the step before. :confused:

Anybody can help us?


Same problem…:expressionless:


@Burg, @madrid1979, @ximtech – apologies to keep you waiting so long for an answer.

What you should do is mount the filesystem to a /tmp directory and once you run gulp --build prod move the build directory to the mounted filesystem. If you do that, the folder will be available for the deployment action.

The best idea, however, is that you send as the URL to this pipeline (if it’s still there) so we can analyze it and tell you how to optimize the process. In general, you should use our actions for builds – we use Docker containers, too, with the output generated directly to the pipeline filesystem.