Buddy does not start automatically on boot



I’ve just performed a fresh install of Buddy into a brand new Ubuntu 16.04 server, but Buddy does not start automatically on boot.

If I do sudo buddy status, it shows me that some of the services are stopped:

Application Server: stopped
Build Server: running
Git Server: stopped
SQL Database: stopped
NoSQL Database: stopped
Front Server: stopped
Proxy Server: running
Session Store: stopped
Utility Server: running
One or more application components are not running
Type buddy restart to restart services and fix it

If I restart Buddy, everything starts running with no issues.
What can be the reason for that?
Thank you!


Hey Stan,
To start Buddy automatically on boot you should execute buddy start in some starting script, eg. /etc/init.d or rc.local.

init.d and rc.local are run from root which means you have to execute it with the user who installed it (with sudo user is not the root), for example sudo -H -u user "buddy start"


Is there a already finished/prod script to copy?


@dpoellath, unfortunately we don’t have any script for that. Make sure to follow the steps above.


Stan, you’ll likely need to figure it via systemd: https://askubuntu.com/questions/919054/how-do-i-run-a-single-command-at-startup-using-systemd

It’s quite simple, just check out the link.