Buddy Entreprise Start/Stop/Status



We are using systemd to install buddy entreprise as a service. But we have found a way to know if:

  • the startup is ok (the buddy start exit code seems to always be 0)
  • the application status (the buddy status exit code seems to always be 0)
  • and there is no PIDFile (usefull and standard on linux platform)

My questions are :

  • how to manage buddy entreprise service on a linux platform ?
  • how to know the application status with a command line or a file ?


Hi Holoon,
Apologies for making you wait for the answer, hope the answers below will come in handy nevertheless.

  • If the startup doesn’t work the exit code will be 1 (try running buddy start again, you should get code 1).
  • When it comes to the application status, the exit code is always 0. This is because the command doesn’t return an error if the component doesn’t work. If this is important for you we can change it so that the status code is returned depending on the application status.
  • PIDfile: we don’t use it because there is no such process as cli. The cli only manages the status (launches all Docker containers) and then exits. As a result, many Docker containers (i.e. processes) are running. If we add the status to buddy status you should be able to manage it in systemd. We can add this feature if you wish as well – just let us know.