Buddy fails with Kubernetes Job deployments with a "broken pipe" error

Hello, we’ve been using Buddy for a time for our automatic deployments. We run a Kubernetes job to our EKS cluster and this job does all the deployment process. The last month we’ve been noticing that some of our deployments are marked as failed and we see an error after the deployment logs similar to:

...deployment logs...
write /dev/stdout: broken pipe
Action failed: see logs above for details

We noticed this error in deployments that generate a lot of logs, at least that was the pattern we found, but although we get this “broken pipe” error we monitored the kubernetes cluster by checking the Job’s logs and everything always look good and job always finishes successfully.

This broken pipe error just cuts the logs below and mark the run as failed.

This have been giving us false positives for month in various of our deployments.

Any help is appreciated,

Hi Sergio,

From what I can see you’re using Buddy enterprise – in this case, could you please first send buddy feedback while getting this error? We’ll be then able to check the logs.

Hi and thanks for the response :slight_smile:

I’m not familiar with that buddy feedback option, how can I do that?


Here’s an explanation on how to send it: https://buddy.works/docs/on-premises/solving-problems/feedback