Configuration as code?


I’d like to distill a projects buddy configuration into a buddy.yml file that gets stored in the projects git repo.

Similar to gitlab, bitbucket, travis-ci.

reasoning is that clicking ui buttons fields etc to setup a buddy project is tedious and tends to get sloppy.


Hi Zenobius,

You’re not the first person to request .yml files. We’re currently working on their implementation, but this requires some changes to the principles on which Buddy was built: actually we designed Buddy so that people don’t have to mess with config files anymore.

Could you drop a word to We’ll be happy to get to know more about your point of view.


well my point of view is pretty simple really.

Having to click buttons and go through setup screens is precisely why we don’t use bamboo anymore… it’s tedious error prone and confusing.

And the reaso why we don’t use Gitlabs Pipelines, is we already use Bitbucket.

So when the build spec is in the repo as a yaml/json/cson whatever… it reduces setting up new buddy project to :

  • copy buddy.yml into root of new project, adjust
  • git push to bitbucket
  • in buddy, click the repo in my list of bitbucket repos.

bam. easy.

Configuration As Code is what makes, dokku, heroku, all successful.


Thanks. It’s all about what works best for you, actually. We’ll keep updated when the config files are available.
One more thing: you can duplicate an existing pipeline with the clone option, no need to click everything up over and over again.


yes, I can clone a pipeline. This is great, which on reflection brings me to another aspect, export configuration as buddy.yml.

this way my non developer colleague can put together a pipeline and export the yaml file, share it to me through slack then i can import it into the repo.


This is interesting: I set up my Bitbucket Pipeline and am now considering using One of the things I like most about it is the UX. I think having them both would give the best of both worlds - I see there is now a YAML option although I have just started investigating…


Hey guys,
Indeed, the option to export and modify the configuration as YAML is now available. We’ve updated our knowledge base with a whole new section on that:

Please mind the feature is still in beta and any feedback is highly appreciated.