Direct install on a dedicated machine

Hello all, I was wondering if it is possible to directly install Meat into a dedicated machine, or if it is required to have a virtual machine running with the ova distributed.

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Meat team answer:

For now, the standalone version is distributed as an VM only. Please crate/rate up a request on our forum ( and state your preferred form of install, so that we know the actual demand from the community. You can always try the cloud version as well.

I’d also love to see a bare-metal install. It’s usually a matter of resources for me, I can get a bare-metal box with a lot more resources (RAM, CPU, etc) then a VM.

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+1 !! This is much needed I think it would be alot more stable and reliable than the virtual machine. I run a CentOS server in the office at the moment and I want to deplot Meat on there.


+1! I’m really excited to use this, but I currently can’t get it installed in a way that other project collaborators can see it.

+1 I would be great to have a way to install it in my own server/or virtual instance
If it would be there as a package or repo we could even create a Ansible script to automate installation and things like that

Great product!!, Looking forward for that so I can actually use it in production


+1 Definitely will make the product reach more developers and make the meat community grow. Any sort of installer package for an already installed server will be good enough

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Hey guys, the great news is that I was able to import the image to AWS. I will perform some tests and let you guys know if it worked well!

AWS isn’t a dedicated server though.

+1 I think that will be great -> Direct install MEAT! to physical machine. :smiley:

Aws offers dedicated server, which is my case

Machine installed, however it is not detecting the additional storage… Any thoughts?

@guiligan I would recommend opening a new thread to address this new issue.

I don’t see any dedicated servers offered by AWS. I see dedicated instances which would still be considered virtual and not bare metal/dedicated server as far as I can tell.

“Dedicated Instances are Amazon EC2 instances that run in a virtual private cloud (VPC) on hardware that’s dedicated to a single customer. Your Dedicated Instances are physically isolated at the host hardware level from your instances that aren’t Dedicated Instances and from instances that belong to other AWS accounts.”

Yet, the idea behind having support for an installer is that we can decide where to install the server.
Either be the virtual instance that I prefer or a server somewhere or even a server locally in my network.
While we don’t have that all we can do is test out features, but not a real production test.
In my case my development team is around the world and I already have servers that I can use for this, but testing it in a virtual machine makes really little sense to me.

So far it seems like Meat could be a really next thing and definitely looking forward to see an installer that I can actually set up :smile:

Great work, Meat team !


What @nestormata is correct, should be able to install MEAT on any server you choose.

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+1 much need for local setup!!


Admins, any feedback on this one ? :slight_smile:

Guys, we really get your point here and would certainly like to reach new developers to make our community grow; however, providing a bare-metal install at this very moment is not (yet) possible. We’re a team of 12 and have already received numerous requests for features that can prove a deal-breaker for many people (eg. pull requests, integrations), but with the limited resources available we need to carefully prioritise the backlog.

As I already said, we’re currently working on support for DigitalOcean and AWS EC2 so that you can host Meat in your own cloud (btw we’re dropping the exclamation mark by the name, the spelling was an over-kill:) This is the first step towards making Meat more accessible. We’re going to drop a dedicated KVM image too in an iteration or two (it’s already bootable:

I’m sure that if we had 314 people onboard like GitHub does we’d be able to drop new major features every second week. I can assure you, though, we’ll do our best to grow our pink piece of love into a kick-ass Super Hog, sooner or later :pig: