Disk resize not working


I need to increase the disk size on my Meat installation.
It was 10GB and now I want to increase to 100GB. Increased the disk size in VMWare, but Meat admin panel continues to show only 10GB.
Did I do something wrong? Some step missing? It’s necessary to apply any changes on Meat to recognize the new disk size?


Hi Andre,

Sorry for late answer. Did you try restarting the VM?

Hi Kivlov,

Thanks for reply.

Yes, I’ve restarted VM after disk resize, but without success.

Hi guys,

After many attempts I tried to resize the partition using gparted and it works.
Only point was after partition resize, web interface not started, after accessing server on port 8080, then the server started, and all services up and running.
Hope this may help someone on trouble like me.


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Hey Andre, sorry to keep you waiting. Glad you solved it, we shall pass this solution if somebody has a similar problem.