Display how long took to execute a pipeline

My colleagues and I are always trying to reduce the time to deploy. It would be extremely useful for us if you display how long it took to execute a pipeline, even better if you could add details about each performed action.

This would help quickly identify bottlenecks and test speed improvements.

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That’s actually a cool idea. I’ll turn it into task and discuss it with the team - I’ll let you know know if and when that’s possible.

Thanks, @Kivlov, very much appreciated

It appears we already got it in our backlog. We shall introduce it in one of future iterations.

We want this feature too.
Really essential to see the time when using a pipeline for CI.

Example from Travis:

guys, the feature has already been delivered.

I also notice there is a stats page:

Next thing I can think of is to have the execution time in parameter:

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We may add it in the future. For now, you can use the start and finish date available in the parameters:


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