Does support any other github webhook events except push?

Hello. I am trying to create a pipeline, and setup it.
It should trigger every time, when a new Pull Request was created, or if a new commit was added to PR.
But it should not run if a new commit was added to any branch without PR.

On buddy docs I have found a topic
And as I understand, it can only listen every push, and filter branches/tags by ref.
Github provides us with lots of different web-hook events. I there any way to use them?

Hello sergiytopchiy,

You can find the answer on the very bottom of the article you have linked :wink:

Once the option is enabled, a new wildcard will become available to use in the pipeline settings: Pull requests by wildcard ( refs/pull/* )

Thanks a lot, it worked. I saw this part, and I didn’t use it because I thought that it for only: “Forked Pull Request the pull request goes from a previously forked repository to an upstream repository (GitHub only)”. I am working with an own repository.