Does the self-hosted VM lock to the MAC address it installed on?

When trying to setup a deployment process I realized that the Meat couldn’t access the other virtual machines running on my computer because it was using a bridged NIC.

First I tried adding a second host-only NIC to give the machine access to the host only network that the other VMs run on. After Meat booted again the console reported that the network configuration was invalid and it couldn’t connect to the internet. Running the network setup didn’t seem to correct this, it appears that the Meat loader can only use one network interface and always picks the last one.

I then tried swapping the bridged and host-only NICs. This time the machine was able to see the internet, but it received a new IP address since the bridged adapter had a different MAC address. When Meat fully powered up I tried to login and was redirected to /access/blocked and that said the machine was out of date and would need to be updated. When I went to the admin screen there was no update available.

Swapping the NICs back and removing the host-only adapter still wont let me login to the VM, my installation is effectively bricked.

It appears as if the license not only locks to the installation, but also to the MAC address it was installed to? If so, that it ridiculously restrictive…

Jarvis, please check your inbox if you haven’t done it already, we answered your email. We’re very sorry about the problems you’ve had while trying to set up the machine and will use your feedback to effectively fix that.