Errors occurs when a trying to install Buddy (On-Premise)


I cannot install Buddy on our dedicated server. I followed this guide

It is a (K)VM with the following characteristics:

  • Debian 10 64-bit (Linux) system
  • All updates are installed
  • Docker version 19.03.12
  • Compose (Docker) version 1.26.2
  • 26 CPU threads (AMD EPYC)
  • 114 GiB of RAM
  • 1 TiB of disk space (2x HDD Raid 1)

I investigated a bit on my side and the Docker container ‘buddy_application_server’ sends this error as an error before ending.

A priori, it would be a too short timeout on the container ‘buddy_application_server’ because ‘buddy_git_server’ wait for it but it takes too long to launch ?

For my part, there is nothing I can do to fix it …

How can I resolve this?

Best regards

After many attempts, it ended correctly.

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