Fair Source License?


On https://buddy.works/knowledge/standalone/standalone-faq it says:

Buddy Enterprise uses Fair Source Licence, which means you can see the source code of the software and use it for free for a limited number of users in your organization (up to 50).

Is that true?


This is me requesting:
a) the source code for Buddy Enterprise 1.5.54, which was Fair Source licensed

What if the licensor decides to change the Use Limitation in the future?

The licensor may change the Use Limitation in the future, but you will always be able to use any Fair Source software under the least restrictive license offered for that software. For example, if we changed the limit to 50 users, we would refer to the “Fair Source 50 License” and users could benefit from this less restrictive limit. If we changed the limit to 20 users, we would refer to the “Fair Source 20 license” and users would still have the option to use the “Fair Source 50 license,” which is less restrictive. Just make sure the new limits apply to the software you are actually using—we may offer different products under different Use Limitations.

b) the source code (and licenses) of any open-source components of Buddy Enterprise 2.0.2

14.2 Availability of Source Code. The Software includes and is distributed with certain open-source components whose licenses require us to make the source code for those components available. The source code for such components will be provided upon request.

Looking forward to receiving these,


monthly bump


monthly bump


Would be interested in getting access to the source code of 1.5.53 as well