Git LFS support


Currently I have a repo with Gitlab that has LFS support enabled. However when executing the pipeline on, the files don’t get downloaded because there’s no git lfs support. Is there any way this can be added?


Hello there,
We have LFS support in the backlog already. For now, you can configure it manually using the Local Shell action. First, you need to install git-lfs in the Customization tab:

apt-get update
apt-get -y install git curl
curl -s | bash
apt-get -y install git-lfs

Then, add the following in Run tab:

ssh-keyscan -H > /root/.ssh/known_hosts
git lfs pull

The last step is adding the key project to GitLab. You can find it in the Project Options.
Hope this helps!


Hi Kivlov,

Thanks for the response. I ended up doing exactly that but the problem is that during the next action the files are overwritten so it didn’t really work well for me.

Basically I had an action to pull the lfs files and then I used the Azure action to push my files to my App Service but when pushed, it just has the hash inside the file.


Basically your proposed solution works, but only for that specific action. The files get overwritten in the next action.


Let me check that with the team, we’ll see if there’s a workaround to it. Stay tuned.


Could you contact and send the URL to the pipeline where it’s not working? We’ll have a look at it.