Google App on Buddy Go

So Google not allows IP based callback URLs so I don’t see a way to use it on Buddy Go instance:

A problem occurred during authorization in external application.
Error message: Invalid parameter value for redirect_uri: Raw IP addresses not allowed: https://xxx.xx.xx.x/callback
Please contact to solve it.

What we should be doing about this?

@faisal you need to have the domain set in the application to make Google integrations work. The option to set the domain is available in the Enterprise Edition only.

Make sure to contact us at: - we’ll help you solve the issue

Thanks @Octavia - so customers with free buddy Go installation are not allowed to use Goolge integration - right?

Yes, you need to upgrade your instance to Enterprise to use a custom domain and allow the integration. Google is the only service that requires that and we cannot do much about it.