Gulp generation



I’ve a trouble with Gulp. Indeed, Gulp don’t work for me.

This is my pipeline :

Everythings is ok :

But the files aren’t generated. :frowning:

An idea ?

Thanks in advance. Regards


Hey Mickael,
I’ve passed your issue to QA. We’ll let you know as soon as we know something.


Thanks Kivlov.


Hi, Sorry but i’ve no answer and i don’t know why taht don’t works. :frowning:


Hey Mickael,
Sorry to keep you waiting. The solution is pretty simple actually: please change the source to ‘Filesystem’ in the action details. Right now it’s set to the repository which means no artifacts and processed files are deployed.


Hi Kivlov,

Thanks for your answer but how can I do "change the source to filesystem :slight_smile: ? i don’t understand.



like that ?


You need to go to the details of the deployment action (just click it in the pipeline).