How to install on Hyper-V

Just to let all those who may not know how to I installed meat standalone on Hyper-V just now this is how I did it.

  • Install virtual box on a workstation: download here:
  • Download your OVA file for meat
  • Rename the OVA file extension to .tar and open it with something like WinRar
  • Put the extracted files into a folder
  • Open command prompt and run the following command:

C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe clonehd --format vhd C:\1.0.14-disk1.vmdk C:\1.0.14-disk1.vhd

*You will likely need to modify the paths in the above command.

  • The above command will output a vhd file, copy this file to where you want to store your VM’s virtual hard drive on Hyper-V
  • Create a new VM on Hyper-V
  • Name your VM, and set the storage location to the place you have put your VHD file, in my case it was in the default location.
  • Assign your memory
  • Configure your networking
  • Under “Connect Virtual Hard Disk” select “Use an existing virtual hard disk”, browse to the folder where you put your VHD file.
  • Finish the wizard.

After you have done this initial setup you should now have a VM in place which is stopped, leave it stopped for now and go into the settings of your VM, under the storage section of the settings window click “Add” this will let you add a new VHD to this VM.

I added a dynamicly expanding VHD with an initial size of 15GB (I didn’t use VHDX because I didn’t know about if this would be compatible).

After you have added this additional VHD you can boot the VM up and browse to it by IP, in my case: this will allow you to begin the process of install.

I posted this to help other users, if you notice mistakes please let me know, as far as I am aware I don’t think I have missed anything.