How to move license?

I installed on my personal computer to test it out. Now I want to install a fresh copy on our servers, where we’re going to use it. However tells me that my license is already in use. I have already removed from my personal computer. How can I move the license?

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I’d like to know an answer to this as well, before I install it locally to try it out. If the license can only ever be used for a single install then we can’t move it to AWS if we like it.

I e-mailed their support team last week, and I finally got an answer.

"Hi Daniel,

You can use your licence once again.

Have a nice day."

So that means, there’s no way right now for you to deactivate a license. They need to do it for you.

Guys, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for the answer for so long.

The license is assigned to one instance of Meat! VM only. If you’d like to renew it/receive another one, please drop us an email at with a telling subject (eg. license renewal) so that we can get back to you asap.

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