Improved visibility of projects in YAML mode

Hey folks,

In cases when we have a number of different versions of buddy.yml running in a project in YAML mode, it would be nice to see which pipelines are associated with what branches – the current UI doesn’t give the user a lot of context, just the list of pipelines, many of which have the same name repeated.

It would be nice if on the …project/pipelines page, you could make it obvious which branch the listed pipeline is associated with. Otherwise, you just get sets for each recently executed branch…

I realize you can drill into the executions for the given pipeline from that page, but at a glance, it would be nice to see the most recent execution branch for it, to distinguish a master pipeline from one from a branch.

If this request is unclear, I’m happy to clarify more.


Hi Jason,

In the pipelines list you can see the information to which ref a given branch is assigned.
Could you send us a screenshot of your pipelines list to We’ll take a look at it.


Hi Ada,

This is what I am referring to:

So my question is for the pipelines ‘front-end, unit test, e2e, deploy’ and ‘front-end, unit test, ci:test and deploy’, which branch triggered those to show up? I know I can click into them and see the last execution, but it would be nice info to have on this page here. Does that make sense? These pipelines exist because one is on a branch with a different buddy.yml file than the other, but you can’t easily distinguish them here.

Hi Jason,

We can understand your point, the problem is that a given pipeline is defined in a file which is in a given revision. And a given commit can be in many branches so what information would you get from “which branch triggered those to show up”?

Let’s suppose there’s a situation in which we commit a buddy.yml file in ‘dev’ branch and from this commit we create branches dev/feature1 and dev/feature2 . All branches are 1:1, we push them and the new branches and a new pipeline appear in Buddy.
Now the question is – which branch added this pipeline? We can’t know that, it depends on the fact which branch will be processed faster, but they all contain the same commit with the same buddy.yml file.