Installation on CoreOs

I’m running RancherOs where docker-compose is technically available (via the compose container), but normally I deploy stacks through the Rancher Web interface with a spec similar to the docker-compose.yml/

Can we get a docker-compose.yml file that describes the same buddy stack we’d get from running the

@Zenobius_Jiricek, unfortunately it’s not possible since Buddy requires loads of specific configurations depending on the system. It can be achieved through Buddy CLI only.

well that’s what environment variables and volume mounted scripts are for.

the thing is the containers should be started in a defined order. Some of them should be started once the other ones had already been launched. Otherwise, the application won’t work properly.

Unfortunately docker compose does not give possibilities like that; we’d need to create CLI for this. That’s why you won’t be able to run it with docker compose.