Invoker name from git



When a pipeline is run from a git commit, the invoker for that pipeline run is always the user that setup the project.
Is there a way to change it? Because that information is/could be used in the slack message send in the pipeline. And now it’s always on the name of the one that created the project and not the one who did the commit.
It’s also used by the icon and label of that specific run of the pipeline.

Not sure what it should be, but the way it is done now is a bit confusing and hard(er) to figure out who did what.
Would be nice if it’s something if would be de git user that triggered the run.



Hey Derk,
This is not always the person who created the pipeline. It depends on the repository provider (BB/GH/GL all return different information in webhooks) and if the email address of the has been successfully mapped to the user on Buddy.