Is it possible to disable GUI config completely?



I’m wondering if it’s possible to completely disable GUI configuration once switching to YAML? It seems more secure to prevent pipelines being modified unless someone has access to the original source.



Hey Luke,
It’s not possible to edit pipelines through GUI with YAML turned on – they are read-only. Unless you switch back the mode to GUI of course.


That’s exactly the question bough - can you disable switching back to GUI mode completely?

If someone managed to get into my Buddy account, they would not be able to edit or create any new pipelines this way. Currently they could just switch to GUI mode and do whatever they wanted.

It seems quite paranoid, but it makes sense that needing repo access & appropriate ssh keys to edit the repo are an authentication method for editing the pipelines I think.



It’s not possible to disable this option, sorry.
You may consider setting up the Enterprise version behind a firewall for extra security if that’s the concern.



Yep I think Enterprise is a good shout in this case. I just wanted to check if there was an alternative before I send this recommendation onto the powers that be.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: