Issues/Features tracker


I started to use Meat and it’s pretty nice, but I noticed something that is missing and I really need to manage my projects feedbacks and issues : an issue tracker.

Is it planned to add to meat ? With a git repo it’s pretty usefull for feature requests, issues, ideas etc.


Hi Titmael,

Yes, we’re going to add some sort of a light-weight issue tracker. What are the essential features that you require from a tracker like that?


  • title
  • description with markdown to add code, quotes etc
  • badges (custom tags like ‘bug’, ‘feature’)
  • state (open, in progress, close)

Possibility to comment the issue of course.
Possibility to reference another issue (“clone of #212” for example).

And a way to reference an issue from git like on github (and others) with # (#143) and some keywords to change state (#fix, #close).

I guess it would be ok with this, all basics for a tracker


Perhaps the option to link branches on your repo to the issue would be nice as well, so that other developers can interact/help on the issue.

Is there any ETA on this feature?

Guys, we’re not able to give you ETA for now - we’ll let you know.