Issues with "Run Commands" editor


I keep getting a lot of “something went wrong” trying to use the “Run commands” editor to configure a n action in the pipeline on my buddy on-premises instance.
I initially tried with a few bash commands but ultimately I was try to run just one command like:

ansible-playbook -i inventory cluster.yml -e “bootstrap_os=ubuntu” -e “cloud_provider=openstack” --ssh-extra-args="-o StrictHostKeyChecking=no" --private-key /root/.ssh/k8s -s -u ubuntu

Is there any restriction to what could be added using that editor or a docs describing the correct way to use it.

I just installed a new version and seems like the issue is gone. :slight_smile:

@Rosario_Di_Somma, there was a bug which made it impossible to accept longer commands. It’s been fixed already, no limits applied :slight_smile: