Jira (Or any other issue tracker) integration

Not really sure if this should be a request or a question, since probably I’m just not looking correctly, but is there any integration with JIra, or any other issue tracker?

Just wondering, it’d be a great addition to have, but not really sure how possible is to do this.

Thanks in advance!

@Zeroark, can you clarify what kind of integration do you want?

I’d be great if you made a list of functionalities you need, eg. a possibility to change the issue’s status with commit or to add a comment to the commit etc.

Hello @Octavia !
Well, for now only basic integration. On some past projects I’ve worked with Stash and several other Attlasian Suite applications, so whenever you mentioned a issue tracker code (Say, ABC-123) that text would link you to the issue tracker.

Additionally, every commit would show to which issues is linked, based on the commit messages.

At least that’s all i’m looking for, thanks in advance!

got your point, @Zeroark. We’ve already got it in our backlog. Still, I’m not able to give you ETA for that.

@Octavia Thanks! No worries on ETA, as long as you got it on your backlog, I’d be glad to wait!

I’m just starting using Buddy seriously (I.E: I was just using it for experiments and hobby for now) so I might find some other things to add here in the future.

Thanks again for your replies!

no problem, that’s what we’re here for :slight_smile:
glad to hear that you want include Buddy in your permanent software stack!

Any news on Jira integration?

I’m looking for Deployment status of a Jira task - based on task number : like commits and pull requests on tasks are picked up by Jira…

Hey Szabolcs,
Could you tell more how this integration should work? What kind of thins you would you like to change in your Jira tasks on the basis of commit messages? A concrete and detailed use case would be great.

We would like to see the build status and/or deployment status in JIRA for the tasks.
Attlassian’s own build system Bamboo publishes such info on tasks, see some description here: https://confluence.atlassian.com/jirasoftwarecloud/viewing-the-development-information-for-an-issue-777002795.html
We wonder if something similar is achievable with Buddy.

Looking for build status and deployment status, like in the following sample image

He there!

We have our Jira integrated with GitHub. Then, every issue in Jira has a link to the branch & if it is merged or not. What would be very cool for us is:

  • A) To be able to mark the ticket with the buddy release number. Something like “search all the issues in Jira that are associated these commits/branches and then mark them as released (workflow transition) and put the release to this number (with a link to the deploy for every associated branch to the issue)”
  • B) To be able to trigger deploys from Jira using Jira versions.

I know that it would be kind of gigantic feature

But, that would be awesome to keep track of what is happening in the deploys from jira

Thank you for all feedback guys. We have updated our backlog with your requests and increased priority on already existing ones. We’re going to evaluate all of it sometime soon as there are more and more people demanding Jira integration some way or another. We’ll let you know when the roadmap is ready – we’re not going to drop on that.

I am looking to attach build and deployment statuses to JIRA tickets as well. Has there been any progress on this?

I would be interested to know if there has been any new progress as well.

Jira has documentation around how to accomplish this via API calls(linked below). You could almost wrap some form of HTTP action. Since Buddy doesn’t really distinguish between builds / deploys (as far as I know) I think this would need to be configurable at some level for the action itself.

Build Docs
Deploy Docs