Latest commit didn't show up in Pipeline

My latest commit to Github didn’t show up in Pipeline. Any one face this issue?

@kevinkt, I’m pasting the same response I’ve just sent you on Intercom so other users can take a look:

The reason behind that might be that a webhook from GitHub failed. Buddy gets the information about the changes in a form of webhooks sent by GitHub, Bitbucket or Gitlab. If Buddy does not receive a webhook for some reason (eg. networking problems, GitHub’s breakdown, Buddy’s update etc.) the changes will be uploaded with the next webhook we receive.

@Octavia Currently getting the same issue since around 9am this morning. Not made any changes our end. Is there something that you know of that could be affecting services?

Same here - I am experiencing the exact same issue for last few hours. Never had this issue before!

And it appears its been fixed already - Ty.