Make multiline input possible in ssh and docker command's


It would be nice to be able to use " " at the end of lines to make a line “multiline”. Just like it is possible in bash scripts.
That way long commands could be split up on multiple lines to make them more readable.

I would even be more cool to have the scripts be real bash/shell. That way loops, ifs and variables can be used. And the need to setup and maintain scripts on the servers side would be less needed.



Derk, it’s a highly-requested feature, but unfortunately, it’s not so easy to implement.
We’ll get down to it soon.

For now you can:

  1. keep the sh script you want to use in the repository
  2. add two actions to the pipeline:
  • upload by SFTP
  • execute by SSH

Then, you’ll be able to use multiple lines and connect the lines with “”.
Additionally, the scripts are versioned, so you can always get back to the previous script version.


Guys, I’m happy to let you know that it’s been released already.
More info here: