Meat not recognizing storage on EC2

Hey all, i manage to upload and create an AMI from the provided image. The machine creation went fine, but I’m stuck on checking for the extra storage. I added another storage device but the software didn’t recognize/continue the installation. Any clues whar might have happened? Any special instruction upon attaching the storage? How does meat check for the new storage device?


I’m also having this problem, it looks like you have to attach the storage using the lsblk command but I can’t ssh into the instance to do so.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Not sure about EC2 specificially but I had to create a 10GB extra hard drive in both Parallels and VirtualBox to make Meat work. It seems to need a fully sized 10GB partition that is separate from the main partition to work.

I’m having this exact same issue. I have the storage volume set up and attached to the EC2 instance running Meat, but the application won’t recognize the additional volume. Any attempts to SSH into the Meat instance don’t work.

Are there some default SSH credentials that we can use to gain access to this instance? These AWS instructions specify the need to mount the drive using the lsblk command.

We’re currently finishing work on DigitalOcean hosting and AMI for Amazon EC2.
We will be ready in one month.

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hey @rafal, any updates on this? :smile: