Multiple GIT repositories per project


What about multiple GIT repositories per project? It could be useful in some cases. Thanks.


Hi John,
Thanks for the idea. Could you provide those use cases so we can relate?


For example, I have a WordPress project main repository where I handle dependencies with Composer. Additionally, I have multiple custom plugins repositories which are developed independently (ex. different developers) and every one of them could be Composer package.


Okay, now I got it.
In short, it’s not possible to have multiple repositories in one project. However, regarding fetching other packages from composer, it will pull them on its own if they’re public. In case of private packages, you can solve the issue by following this guide:

Let me know if you need anything else!


You need another GIT hosting for that and I would like to keep everything at one place.


You can keep everything on our hosting. The first method in the article I sent you is “Authorization with SSH key”. This means you can fetch plugins and packages from other repositories hosted on Buddy.