Multiple 'Wait for approval' actions only ask once


Here is my pipeline:

Git push -> deploy to test server -> await approval -> deploy to staging -> await approval -> deploy to production

However, only the first approval pauses the execution.

The second approval passes as if approved, meaning the deployment went both to staging and production without human approval.
This seems like a pretty bad bug and I don’t currently see how I can set up this workflow without this working.

Please advice.


Thank you for reporting that. We shall release a fix to it within a month (we’re not able to deliver a hotfix on-the-fly since it requires rewriting a significant part of the mechanism).


Thanks, any suggestion how I can work around this in the meantime?
Also, will you update this post when it’s released or is there a way for me to get notified of releases?


Don’t think there’s a workaround to this I’m afraid. We’ll update the thread here when it’s done, stay tuned.