Needing to reinstall on every boot

Every time I reboot the VM I’m forced to run the whole install again on port 8080. I don’t lose any data but I’m really unsure why it has to go through that every time?

Also I noticed on the first install I got 2G+ RAM used and CPU usage was idling around 20% even after leaving the vm for hours doing “nothing”. As soon as I restarted it the CPU usage was around 1% and the RAM went down to about 20MB.

Apparently my SSH keys also don’t work now.

Alexis, it appears you have too little RAM assigned to your machine and not all services launch when you run the VM, including Git SSH (that’s why your keys don’t work). You need at least 6GB to run the machine with 8GB recommended for production use. See more here:

I tried with the default 6GB and even upped it to 15GB out of my 24GB and I still get these issues. I’ve definitely got enough RAM. I’m not sure what made you think I didn’t?