Pipeline triggered on push and rebased branches



Buddy is a great tool and we start using it for our staging & production deployments.

However, I’m experiencing the following problem:

  • pipeline is not triggered on github webhook (though github reports HTTP 200 response)
  • re-triggering the web hook has not effect
  • in the “pipeline” tab, I can read “This directory contains clone of repository in revision e1e3669” which is not the last commit of my branch.

Could it be because I used some git rebase commands on my branch?
What are the most frequent reasons for de-synchronization?



Hey Laurent,
If a pipeline is not being triggered it usually means there’s a connection error between GitHub and our build servers. Unfortunately, this is something we have little to no impact on. You can try to solve that in two ways:

  • Go to the Code tab and click Refresh in the right column. It will run a git fetch from the GitHub repo
  • If this doesn’t work you can resend the webhook manually from /hooks in the GitHub settings

If none of the above will work, please send the URL to your account to support@buddy.works (unless you’re on the Enterprise version).


Apparently the webhook do not operate anymore, because we changed the domain name of our buddy server in buddy config. So buddy is working fine!

For the record the fastest way to reset the Github webhook is:

  1. export the project pipelines config in YAML
  2. delete the project
  3. checkout the project from Github by creating it
  4. import the pipelines config from YAML

Thanks Kivlov for your answer.


We think that simply updating the webhook address on GitHub would do the trick as well :wink: Anyway, glad to hear you solved that. Happy coding!