Project/pipeline ssh config template


Another request about SSH.
When using multiple “SSH using” actions in one project and/or pipeline you have to give the SSH settings for each action. And in each action it’s probably the same. This “screams” templating. Every SSH based action needs these values: servername, serverport, username, password/key.

It would be great to set these as one based with a pulldown or something like that. That way you only have to select the set of settings and not copy paste them in for each action.
And it would be great to be able to set more than one on each projects/pipeline. And inheritance like the ssh-key would be really nice.

Thanks!, you can run multiple commands within one SSH action.

However, if you need to do that in separate actions because they are in various places within the pipeline (for instance), then you’d use environment variables. Just define the IP, username and the password as environment variables and then use them in the actions…


I know. But when having to setup/create multiple actions it gets tedious to keep filling al those fields with the same information. It would be nice to have a dropdown or some option to select the set of variables to fill in/use.


Got it. We’ve got templates in our backlog. We’ll also do our best to add a more convenient way of filling the fields with environment variables in about 2 weeks.

But maybe in your case it’d be enough if you used the cloning option. If you already have an action with data that you want to use you’d clone it instead of adding a new one.