Public endpoint to execute pipeline


Would be great to have the ability to create a public endpoint which can be called with a GET request. There are a number of instances where this might be useful. Prismic which is a headless CMS, for example, has a webhook feature which is called when content is published. This publish event would then call the Buddy webhook to run the static HTML generation and upload to the server.

If we’re worried about security, the URL would only be generated on request and would also have a throttle, as to not execute more than once in a set amount of time.

Thoughts? I was going to create a cloud function hooking into your API, but it seems like a feature that would benefit other teams too.


Hey Jack,

The option to run pipelines with webhooks is already in our backlog. As you said, for now you can do it with the API. We’ll let you know once there’s an ETA for that.