Pulling MainService (buddy/2c2 -> docker login denied

I have PUSH event builds working correctly, but manually triggered builds are unable to pull the (same) docker image.

Action failed: see logs above for details
Pulling MainService (buddy/2c205b976f7d2543494e9cbef3c53543:1.0)… pull access denied for buddy/2c205b976f7d2543494e9cbef3c53543, repository does not exist or may require ‘docker login’: denied: requested access to the resource is denied

Oddly, that’s not even the image that I’ve specified in the config:

      docker_image_name: "library/node"
      docker_image_tag: "14.17.5"

Hi there,
We already have a fix for that – it will be released in a week. For now, please mark the “Pull image on every execution” flag in the Environment tab or run the execution with the clear cache option.


Hi @adaluppa, when do you expect to be releasing this fix?

Hi there,
The fix will be released tomorrow.

I notice that you had some down time for maintenance yesterday, but the problem is still there

As I can see, you have already contacted our support. Please send us the URL to this execution there.

I thought the problem had been resolved, but it has happened again. I will switch from YAML to GUI config mode