"Push some code..." error / is empty


Hello everyone, as you will see I am new to this site and I am surprised with the little existing documentation, they are requesting me to operate with springloops, eh configured the virtual server to perform the pairing with the site.

the message you are giving me is
$ curl --header -XXXXXXXXX "https://app.buddy.works/userXX/proyectXXX
The message that the system provides:
$ Found. Redirecting to / userXX / login

What I still can not understand is how the UX really works, because from springloops to pairing with buddy.

I am really confused by the lack of basic documentation with simple examples.

I would like to be guided in the following way

1 What it requires to operate buddy
| - 1st operating system
| - 1b necessary functions for the operating system (curl, wget, etc …)
| — 1c files required for the system to recognize
| - 1d configurations and technologies necessary to connect the system
| - 1st way to connect with private VPS
| - 1db way to make buddy recognize project folders
| - 1dc mode to make the private VPS system speak with springloops in a functional way.

Thank you very much for helping me to comment on how this tool works and to know what steps to follow to achieve the objective of operating with springloops and the private VPS.


Hello Juan,
If you wish to use Buddy with your Springloops repositories, please follow this guide: https://buddy.works/guides/how-integrate-buddy-with-custom-repository

If you wish to install Buddy Enterprise on a VPS here’s full documentation: https://buddy.works/knowledge/standalone

However, if you want to use both Springloops AND Buddy on a private server there’s not much sense to it – in this case we recommend moving your repositories to Buddy and keep everything local (Springloops is cloud only). Please reach out to support@buddy.works and we’ll tell you what to do.