Revision history for pipelines


I think it would be very useful if you kept a revision history of all the changes that someone makes to a pipeline. Every time you save the pipeline a new revision would be created.
For reference you can check for example how revisions work in Google Docs.

Some use cases:

  • Keeping track of changes when you work in a team(the pipelines are almost as critical as your code, and who doesn’t versions control their code).
  • It would make it easy to revert if you want to try something new in your pipelines that didn’t work out.
  • If the pipeline stops working after changes you can easily revery back to the last working version. If you can add some kind of indication of what revisions has been run successfully would be a great bonus feature.

When it comes to implementation an idea could be to export the pipeline to your YAML-config format in the background and then use Git to calculate the diffs.

It’s not a critical feature for, me but I think it would add a lot of value in the above use cases.


Hey Peter,
Thanks a lot for suggesting that – this is a very good idea, and the use cases make it well worth giving a shot. We have added it to our backlog, we’re going to get back to it for sure after the holiday period.

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