Run multiple containers or docker-composer


Currently our applications dependes on múltiple services or containers. I wonder if it’s possible to run multiple docker containers or use a docker-composer.yml to create the env for testing.

That would be awesome.

P.S. We currently use Rancher for that purpose …


Hi @luishdez,

Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available. We are currently working on services and linking multiple containers: make sure to follow us on to stay up to date with the progress.


Hi @Kivlov ! Just want add +1 to this feature request.
We would like to give chance as soon as possible and that will really help to turn the scales from a custom GitLab hosting to the


Hi Yevhenii,

We’ve added this to our backlog. This is the first time we’ve received this feature, though - as soon as we receive more of them we shall increase the priority.


That’s due to the scenario complexity. Of course, it’s possible to put everything in one single Dockerfile, but that should be done by the automated script, not leaving developers to maintain two separate versions of the same entity.

Check CircleC, they don’t have that, but allows to run custom SSH commands, which is frankly similar.


That’s the problem that we have too maintain multiple docker projects.

CircleCi it’s great but they only support github and they don’t plan to add support for others like bitbucket or custom repos which is WT…


We’d like this too. The lack of this feature is what’s keeping us from trying Buddy.


I would love to see this feature too


+1 too. @Octavia this is this kind of feature that i was requesting by email (TrackTik).



We keep working on that.
Currently we’re finishing sandboxes which is our priority. We’ll start implementing composer after that. Stay tuned!


Hello, any update?
cc @Octavia


I’m not able to give you ETA for now, I’m afraid. We’ll let you know.

For now, we’ve got the following things on our roadmap for June + the nearest feature:


I need something kinda of related, but different. Close enough I don’t want to start a new thread unless someone recommends I do.

My context of need is I create pipelines that build docker images. After I build a docker image I want to run it and validate it before I publish it. On my local workstation this flow looks like this:
docker build ImageX
docker run ImageX
docker publish to private docker registry (NOT DOCKER HUB THAT’S NOT AN OPTION FOR ME AT MY COMPANY)

Now on Buddy because we are running each step in a pipeline in a docker container you can see how my second step has issues, I can’t do docker run in a build step. Or I will get this “error docker: Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is the docker daemon running on this host?”, even if I do docker run -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock.

So one option would be to allow me to add -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock to the docker container that Buddy is using for the Action and/or allow me to run a step with an image from my own private docker registry.

My new work flow would look like this if you can allow for a action to pull from any registry.

docker build ImageX
docker publish to private docker registry (MY PRIVATE DOCKER REG)
BUDDY ACTION run action with my ImageX with command

I’d like the power to use -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock when I see fit. And yes I understand the implications of doing that on the host. But all in all just allowing us to pull from our own registry would satisfy the workflow I showed and is probably the more correct way over the -v docker.sock.



Bob, we’ll do our best to deliver an option to use private images in the build actions in about 2 months.


@bobhenkel, I’m happy to say you can now build apps using images from private Docker registries - a feature that you requested for some time ago.

You can find more info here:


Hi @luishdez,

I think I have a solution to your problem. Razorops, a CI/CD Platform. It helps development teams to automate their Docker-based CI/CD workflow. Hope, you find it helpful. For more info visit :-


Thanks for mentioning razorops. Will definitely try that out. Docker compose based services is a must have for us. Currently we are running the services on the host as a workaround for the lack of custom services, which restricts us to a single build at a time in order to work reliably. Such a shame that Buddy seems to be so close (being docker based and providing some additional services by default), but hasnt been able to get this straight for so long now…