Run set of action's on multiple servers



When deploying code to multiple servers it would be really nice to be able to have an action that includes a (few )action(s) with a set of variables.

List of Set of variables: [{servername: server1},{servername: server2},{servername: server3}]
And then define the list of actions to run for each set of variables in that list.

That way it would be easy to reuse “global” actions and be able to deploy to multiple servers and have that clearly visible in the user-interface. And It would need a lot less configuration/clicking/copy-pasting.



Hi Derk,

We’ve added it to our backlog. Thanks for a suggestion!


Hello, this is very usefull also for use. We often setup ecommerce website with may frontend, so code must be pushed to many servers from the same project. so haveing a pipeline aware of this multiserver server, it would be very awesone. Just think home many people use AWS / GCP maybe with autoscaling, so code need to be pushed and aligend on many server, as fast as possible :slight_smile:


@x86fantini, we’re planning to add multiple servers support soon. We’re currently making a rough draft of the way it should work.

If you have any suggestions regarding it - we’re open! :slight_smile:


this is great! we plan to use Buddy as our go-to CI/CD SaaS, so this feature will be very helpfull. If i can suggest, please allow to ADD/REMOVE servers from pipeline via API.



That’s cool, Simone!

I’m happy to say that adding and removing actions through API is already possible:


great! so, i’m just waiting for the multiple server then.



+1 for multiple server support. Is there any ETA on this?


Guys, it’s hard to give you ETA for that; it’s marked as a high priority in our backlog.

We’re currently working on tag pushes and pull requests. We’re also finishing works on the Sandboxes.
We’ll be able to give you ETA on that no sooner than we deal with these features.