Running a SelfHosted Meat instance

Hi Guys,
Disclaimer: I’m not a sysadmin :smile:

So my questions are:

  1. When I heard about the self hosted option for meat, I assumed I’ll be able to run a few commands and set it up on a dedicated server eg a Digital Ocean instance or S3 but I get the VM instruction guide. Is it possible to setup MEAT on a Digital Ocean server because that’s where I can get the required configuration. (I use a MB Air)
  2. Say I get another system to setup MEAT, isn’t it going to be “local”? How will people outside my computer push and pull requests to the git environment.

PS: I was super excited to get the MEAT invite. Thanks for this :slight_smile:

Hi @kene,

Sorry to keep you waiting for the answer!

ad 1. For now VM is the only option for local hosting, sorry. We’re going to deliver support for DigitalOcean and S3, but first there will be a huge update to the cloud version (there’s been a change of plans considering the feedback that we’ve received since the launch).

ad. 2. Do you want to use Meat locally or remotely over internet? If you host Meat on a computer, other users must be able to reach it, either with the local IP address that you can see on the VM’s screen or using an external IP redirecting to this address. You can read more on the standalone here:

Hope this helps!