Slack integration - github username?


Hi guys!

We are using the slack integration to send deployment notifications, with the default format:

[#${}] <${project.html_url}|${project.display_name}> deployment triggered by <${execution.creator.html_url}|${}>

but the is always the same person, me - as I created the project on buddy.

Is there anyway to get the username of the person who triggered the build? (e.g username from github if triggered from a push or tag). I’ve looked at the example execution object: but that data does not seem to be there.

The github hook does include that data:



Hey @joelwmale

you can try using param: $BUDDY_EXECUTION_REVISION_COMMITTER_EMAIL. There’s no other way, I’m afraid.


I’m interested in this functionality as well. We would like to pass the GitHub username to the Slack Notification.

We are sending the following Slack Notification upon successful execution of a Pipeline triggered from a GitHub push:

        "author_name": "${BUDDY_INVOKER_NAME}"

But, we would like to pass the committers GitHub username. Is there a Default Environment Variables available? If no, any other advice on how to acquire the GitHub username of the committer?

We thought ${BUDDY_INVOKER_NAME} should be correct, but it is not. We tried ${BUDDY_EXECUTION_REVISION_COMMITTER_EMAIL} and that is not correct either.