SSH config + agent

This is a follow up on a previous request to make SSH, Rsync and SFTP action more flexible:

I have the need to use a jump host and some other “advanced” SSH options not available right now.
For this is would be really useful to have more control over the SSH, rsync and sftp actions.

I need to be able to set a ~/.ssh/config file and activate the ForwardAgent that is used with the SSH commands. With that forward agent, and settings it would be possible to use the ProxyJump option in SSH and rsync.

I would expect that with the following config and setting the hostname to “some-server” I will be logging into the server “some-server” via the jumpserver.

ForwardAgent yes

Host jumpserver
  Hostname 90.XX.XX.XXX
  User test
  ControlPersist 3600

Host some-server
   ProxyJump jumpserver

But i get this error:

Resolving host some-server...
Resolving host some-server - Failed
Server response: DefaultConnectFuture[user@some-server:22]: Failed (UnresolvedAddressException) to execute: null

This all suggest that the SSH client is not using the .ssh/config from ~ or the working directory as suggested in:

A solution would be to be able to create the .ssh/config file and start the ssh agent before running the SSH/rsync/sftp commands/actions. One extra nice options would be to load multiple keys in that agent before running the action(s).

And as always, thanks for the great product!


Thank you, we upvoted it in our backlog.
This is not a very popular request yet, but we will try to estimate it within a month and then we will be able to determine ETA.

Once again, thanks for this detailed description!


I will try to get some popularity to this request.

Yes, please, that’s what I need. Running into the same issue.

Yes please. This will be very handy for our server setup as well.

In the next sprint we will analyze the complexity of the topic and determine ETA.