SSH Run Shell Script Failed


I currently have a pipeline set up that is uploading files from Github to a Digital Ocean droplet (successfully). I want to add a SSH action to run a bash script once upload is complete. I keep getting a failure message, however simple commands like ‘mkdir’ work fine.

I can SSH into the Droplet directly and run the command successfully from the terminal, but for some reason my pipeline continues to fails.

Are there known issues with running bash scripts? From the documentation it seems this should be feasible.


@jondotblack, from what we can see, you received command not found error there.

Here you can find more info on that:


I commented out the lines;
#case $- in
# i) ;;
# *) return;;
# esac

and restarted the droplet, but still receiving command not found errors.


I see. Please contact us at: and send us the URL to the action that fails - we will investigate it.