Standalone missing integrations


I noticed that the Standalone version of Buddy does not match up with the SaaS version. More particularly, the available integrations section does not have Gitlab(among others) and only shows two options(Modulus and Amazon)

Any ideas here?


I updated ~/.buddy/buddy.env|config.json, adding Gitlab Enterprise settings (id, secret, url). After restarting the server, I still can’t find a way to authenticate with Buddy via GitLab.

Just got this info from a support rep:

So, Gitlab EE/CE Integration has finally been added. However, even after a fresh install of Buddy, the OAuth Callback from GitLab just showed me a big “error” page asking me to tell’em what happened.

@adamgoose, our devs are currently investigating it, I’ll let you know as soon as I have any further info

@adamgoose, have you updated Buddy to the newest version?