Trigger Condition Pattern for Actions



It will be great to have pattern for the Trigger conditions for actions like : dir/*.cs or *.cs or dir/*/*.cs

Indeed, the existing dir/ pattern is only able to find file changes inside the dir but not file changes inside subdirectories. Today i need to add every directory in all my trigger conditions. Not so funny.

A concrete example : i need to recompile my project if any files has changed in the src/ directory or subdirectories.

Moreover, the condition seems to only be applied to the files of the git repository. So, if i create a local file, the condition is not applied. I would like to too.

Best regards


Hi there,

It already works this way, but we haven’t added it due to an error which occurred while correcting the documentation (sorry about that). But you can use the pattern that you have mentioned using * as a wildcard.