Unable to perform backups anymore - On Premise


Hi, I’m suddenly getting this despite the fact the server has plenty of free space. I had no issues with this command that suddenly stopped working. How can I troubleshoot the issue ?

Do you want to make a backup now? [y/n & Enter]
Performing backup…
Something went wrong. Please check your free disk space.

More info here :
Buddy Enterprise On-Premises Installation

CLI version: 1.3.42
App version: 1.5.54


I will be flabbergasted if you get a proper answer here, but here’s my two cents:

rm -rf ~/.buddy/app/data/backend/tmpFiles/
rm -rf ~/.buddy/app/data/backend/trash/
rm -rf ~/.buddy/app/data/backend/builds/git-server/
docker image prune -a
docker container prune

Not sure why buddy staff hid my thread: Disk full. What files are safe to delete?

Edit: never mind I can’t get it to back up either.


@dydboy, in the cli.log you’ll find info how much space was needed for backup and how much free space did you have.


@BernsteinA, you can find it in the cli.log:

[buddy/buddy.go.1349][2018-01-17 01:34:39.563]: Free MB: 25431
[buddy/buddy.go.1350][2018-01-17 01:34:39.563]: Need MB: 32016


[buddy/buddy.go.1349][2018-01-17 15:04:47.949]: Free MB: 25359
[buddy/buddy.go.1350][2018-01-17 15:04:47.949]: Need MB: 46290

Sorry to hijack your thread @dydboy, but why does buddy need 46 gigabytes of free space to do a backup?


No problem, I actually had the very same question.

@Octavia thank you very much :slight_smile:


You’re welcome, @dydboy :slightly_smiling_face:
Let us know if you have any other questions - we’ll be happy to help. You can post here anytime or contact us via chat in-app

@BernsteinA, the space needed for backup depends on the number of projects/pipelines you have in your Buddy’s standalone. We backup everything: applications, repositories, filesystems, cache, and settings.
Soon we’re going to add an option to make partial backups that will not include filesystems and cache.


buddy’s data folder takes up 24gb.
there is 24gb of free space on that drive.

my .buddy folder takes up 386kb
there is 25gb of free space on that drive.
it would appear that this is also the drive to which buddy is attempting to make the backup (i.e. ~/.buddy/backup)

[buddy/buddy.go.1349][2018-01-18 21:01:02.958]: Free MB: 25347
[buddy/buddy.go.1350][2018-01-18 21:01:02.958]: Need MB: 47098

why does buddy need 47gb of free space to make a backup?


@BernsteinA, we’ve checked that from the code’s side.

The backup is now done in a way that the first copying is done to the tmp directory and it’s zipped after that. It’s done in that way as the back-uped things are from various locations and the library we use does not allow for that. That’s why we need this amount of space.

Soon we’re going to change both the library and the implementation to avoid such problems. Most probably we’re going to release it with partial backups.