Unable to update settable environment variables

Hi all, I am not able to update any of the environment variables in my workspace. All of the environment variables are workspace level and I have already tried updating them by using following command:
export VARIABLE_KEY=$(cat filename.txt | grep key)
They contain default values (if provided), but not the updated ones when I print them:
I want to basically achieve a way to create multiple environment variables at workspace level. Then, update them by SSHing into my ec2-instance and computing their values from credential files present in there.
I wish to use those updated values in the next step of building a docker image.
Please let me know if I am incorrect about any of these steps that I’ve been following so far. Is there any other way of updating my environment variables

Kind Regards,

Hello Raghvendra,

Please check the logs of the execution of the action in which you are setting this up and see if you can find something like this:

Setting environment variables

If you will be missing this, please contact our support and provide an URL to the execution.

Thanks for replying, @Jarek . I get the message saying:

`Setting environment variables`    

but this only happens in local shell not in ssh shell.

Is there a way where I can ssh into ec2 instance and update the env variables from there to further use them in next steps?

Yes - SSH action is executed on a remote server and it won’t work with that. The variables, in that case, are only here during the remote server connection session.

Assigning variable works only for the build actions - variables are then exported from the container and saved as environment variables in Buddy.